OWASSO – Coffee lovers in Owasso will soon have another option to indulge their tastes, this time near one of the city’s most prestigious new addresses.

“The Drip”, a coffee shop that originated in Tahlequah will move in as a neighbor to the Smoke Restaurant, according to an article from the Tahlequah Daily News. Entrepreneur Al Soto is the man behind the venture, and says that after his model worked so well in Cherokee County, he was poised to duplicate his model elsewhere.

Enter the plans for developments like the Mowery Building and Seven6Main, and he decided Owasso was the place for him.

“Once I proved that The Drip model could work even in a small little town like ours, I was convinced it would work in any market,” Soto told the newspaper. “We’ve grown year after year in this town, despite our poverty rate, and the median income is so much different than Owasso’s. That makes me think we’ll succeed anywhere we go.”

Soto is also convinced that having the Coulter family enterprise as a neighbor won’t hurt anything either.

“It’s going to be a bit smaller and we’re going to be neighbors with Smoke, a really good farm-to-table restaurant,” Soto said in the article. “Smoke is a really high-end restaurant with a really talented chef, so we probably complement each other, if anything.”

Soto hopes to open the new establishment shortly before Thanksgiving. You can click here to follow the coffee shop on Facebook.


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