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MATCHUP: Owasso Rams (1-3) vs. Edmond North Huskies (0-4)
LOCATION: Owasso High School Stadium
TIME: 7:30 PM
RADIO: KYFM 100.1 FM (Grant Merrill, Steve Mowery, Christian Favalora)
VIDEO: OwassoSportsNetwork.Com, InsideOwasso.Com
TWITTER FEEDS: @cfavalora, @owassoathletics, @insideowasso

OWASSO – When the Owasso Rams make a return to their home field tonight, Head Coach Bill Blankenship is hopeful that the loud home crowd the team is accustomed to will be there to cheer them on.

This comes after a 21-0 loss to the Union Redskins last week, in a rain soaked environment where there was no crowd to speak of. That is something that with a nice weather forecast in store, the whole team is counting on to change.

“There is such a comfort level of knowing that we get a lot of help from our folks to generate that type of fun and enthusiasm,” Blankenship said. “I know our players will play better.”

After the shutout, their coach says the players have been unified in the message that they have to move on quickly from the memory of that loss.

“There is a theme. We have to just get on past that one,” Blankenship said. “They really don’t have a good answer sometimes, as the offensive players don’t think they played anything close to their ability. When you talk to them, they want to play another game. They want to prove that “that’s not who I am”. You get the excitement that maybe we are getting to a tipping point with some of them.”

As for Edmond North, the prediction is that while they have an 0-4 record, you can’t let those numbers fool you.

“First thing that we do is look at last year’s film. It was at the end of the season and I will tell you, we felt lucky to get out of that game with a win,” Blankenship recalled. “They played our tail off. They came off and were very physical, very well coached. They didn’t make many mistakes and made it a really tough outing for us.”

As for the keys to victory in defeating the Huskies, the team will have to be ready from the opening kickoff.

“We need to get a fast start. We’ve been struggling a little bit coming out of the gate. If we could have a fast start you will see us gain a little momentum and play exceptionally well.” Blankenship predicted. “Defensively, if we can slow down their big plays, they will have a hard time moving the ball consistently. Just not let them out of the hole they dig themselves into. If we get to third and long, we’ve got to get off the field.”

Injury Update

Blankenship said Friday he is fully expecting star running back Isaiah Jacobs to be back in the rotation for tonight’s game. The standout has been missing in action since suffering a preseason injury at the Union Gridiron Classic.

“He’s had a great week of practice,” Blankenship noted. “Barring something in pregame, I think he will play and it looks like he will play very well.”

Linebacker Kejuan Hay is still out recovering from the leg fracture he suffered in the opening game against Bentonville-West. Blankenship reports that he is out of the boot he had been walking in to this point, and may be available within the week.


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