Customers dine in the newly remodeled Wal-Mart McDonalds location on Friday (PHOTO: Grant Merrill)

OWASSO – Last Friday, the McDonald’s at the Walmart on 96th St. in Owasso re-opened its doors after closing down for a ten day remodel. The Inside Owasso team took a trip down to Walmart on Friday to check out the new digs, and find out what the remodel was all about.

We sat down and spoke with local businessman Tim Rich, the owner of several McDonald’s in the area, and found out that the remodel was about more than just a new coat of paint.

Rich told us Friday: “One of the objectives of the remodel is what we call ‘Experience of the Future’, McDonald’s is taking all the restaurants in the US and investing in them at the same time, and the McDonald’s in the Owasso Walmart is the third McDonald’s in Oklahoma to incorporate all the features of the new system.”

A customer tries out the new self-order kiosk

The key to the “Experience of the Future” Rich tells us is “to make it easier for customers to access our brand”. The Walmart location will now feature an electronic touchscreen self order kiosk as well as the ability to order with a mobile device, both of which will now allow you to have your order brought directly to your table. That’s right folks, you read it correctly, this McDonald’s will bring your order to the table!


The Inside Owasso team gave the new self order kiosk a try. The kiosk was simple to use and we had our order paid for in less than a minute with a number in hand to take to our table. By time we had finished making our drinks, fresh food had already arrived!

Take a number from the kiosk and food will arrive shortly!

While trying one of McDonald’s new signature burgers (complete with bacon jam!), Rich explained to us some of the new features customers can use with the mobile app as well. Mobile ordering is something were all pretty familiar with, but the “Experience of the future” comes with a feature called a “geo-fence”. The “geo-fence” is basically like a radar that surrounds the store scanning for customers with mobile orders. Once you have your order placed using your mobile app, the geo-fence will tag your device upon arrival and ask you how you would like to pickup your order. You can choose to pick up at the counter, or have the order brought out to your table.

The New Modern look of McDonald’s
Another Shot of the new remodel

The new renovation will bring the location up to date with the new modern look of McDonald’s

Before going down for the interview, everyone at the office had one big question in mind: “are the rumors true that McDonald’s has changed the way they cook their burgers?” We made sure and asked what the hype was about while checked out the new location.

Rich explained to us that new cooking methods now allow McDonald’s make all their burgers fresh cooked upon your order, and they don’t freeze the meat anymore. This might make you wonder if you’ll be waiting longer now for your burger, but the new system will have your patties ready for action in 90 seconds.

Community Relations President Pat Gable sat down with us and claimed she had lost 50 pounds while eating at McDonald’s on a regular basis. “Its all about choices” she told us. Gable told us that the menu provides fresh options like fruit as well as those of the more fried and sweet nature, but in the end if your willing to be responsible with how you eat, you can eat at McDonald’s without crashing your diet or your healthy choices.

The Inside Owasso team definitely found ourselves demystified about McDonald’s after our visit. Instead of just one more corporate fast food location, at the Owasso location we were met with local business owners providing great jobs to happy employees while serving up great fresh fast food with stellar service to boot.


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