Disaster Preparedness Surveys Begin Today in Owasso


OWASSO – The Owasso Police Department have announced that The Tulsa City/County Health Department will be conducting Disaster Preparedness Surveys in the Owasso area beginning today, October 9th 2017, and continuing for the next few days.

OPD says Health Department officials will be clearly marked with Health Department markings and have credentials.

OPD advises the Health Department will be conducting surveys in pairs or groups, and they are not engaged in sales or scams of any kind.

The Owasso Police Dept stated they are in close partnership with the local Health Department and support the initiative. They advise should residents have any questions or concerns, citizens may feel free to contact police or the health department at any time.

The Owasso Police can be contacted at: (918) 272-2244

The Tulsa Health Department can be contacted at: (918) 582-9355.


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