Dr. Trissy Pitkin works with a student during a recent session (PHOTO: Academic Advantage/Value News)

OWASSO – As the owner and operator of Academic Advantage, Dr. Trissy Pitkin is all too familiar with the classroom setting. She has spent as much time learning as she has teaching.

The Iowa native started as a teacher, but after seeing the needs that were out there among the children whom she was teaching, sought to do more.

“Over twenty-five years ago I started my journey as an educator,” Pitkin recalled. “I could see students that had challenges in Reading, Focusing, Memory, Sensory Integration, Testing, and Auditory Processing.” In the process of assessing the needs of my students, my passion became focused on HOW to help them.

Her commitment to improve a students’ success opened up new avenues of training and educational certification. The end result culminated in Dr. Pitkin earning a Doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling, a Masters Degree in Multi-Categorical Disabilities, and then becoming a Dyslexia Remediation Specialist, an Attention Specialist, a Certified Educational Therapist, an Executive Function Coach, an ADD/ADHD Coach, a Reading Specialist, and a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist.

Every degree, training, and certification has given Dr. Pitkin the opportunity to further personalize a plan for the student so that each student can turn their “stumbling blocks into stepping stones.”

All the specialized training, along with the many classroom hours has brought the longtime educator to that milestone of 25 years in business. Academic Advantage is local to Owasso, and has allowed Dr. Pitkin to provide a large number of students to flourish by utilizing her services. She has diversified her practice to include areas such as Brain Health Studies, Dyslexia Remediation, Reflex Integration, Speech and Language, Test Anxiety, coaching for ADD and ADHD, and even to assist older students who are preparing for the ACT, or other types of college entrance exams.

Dr. Pitkin notes that when parents become concerned about the challenges their child might be facing, her approach is to ask questions, understand the child’s challenges, and then methodically address each obstacle she identifies through a strategic focused approach.

“Assessments can also be an informative piece of the puzzle. I use assessments for dyslexia, auditory processing, sensory integration, fine motor, gross motor, and attention challenges that parents or guardians can share with other professionals,” Dr. Pitkin explained. “When parents are concerned about their child’s challenges, I assess the child to get to the root cause. Then, I create, an individual, personalized plan so their child can succeed.”

“I believe that using “out of the box” techniques, is the very best way to change a child’s life.”

As a local Educational Therapist, Academic Advantage has become the only business in North Tulsa County to offer these specialized services. This has negated the need for students in the

surrounding area to have to drive into Tulsa. Actually, it would be difficult to find another business around the Tulsa area that offers the services that Dr. Pitkin does.

“My favorite moment is that special time when a child “thinks they can’t,” and through my facilitation, they find out “they can.” Pitkin says with a smile. Hope and help are on the way! Time is such a precious commodity. Academic Advantage is a phone call away.

Academic Advantage sees clients by appointment. For more information, visit www.academicadvantage.org or call (918) 231-7669


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