Roger Stevens presented the monthly public works project status report during Tuesday’s city council meeting. Stevens informed councilors on ongoing, future and completed street projects within Owasso. (PHOTO: Kaitlyn Dillard)

OWASSO – Owasso City Council awarded several bids related to the new Owasso Safety Operations and Training Complex, also known as Fire Station No. 4.

Mark Stuckey, Owasso fire chief, presented information regarding three separate bids for furniture, appliances and exercise equipment that will be utilized in Fire Station No. 4 upon its completion.

City Council approved the following bids:

* Bid for furniture to Interior Landscapes of Kansas City, Mo. In the amount of $190,382.07.

* Bid for appliances to Metro Appliances of Tulsa in the amount of $32,975.96.

* Bid for exercise equipment to 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment of Tulsa in the amount of $34,525.72.

Funding for the furniture, appliances and exercise equipment has been budgeted, which is available through the Capital Improvements Fund.

The construction of Fire Station No. 4 was first approved by City Council back in 2017 and is expected to be completed within the next few months. Bidding for the three agenda items opened on Oct. 17, and each one considered the available functional space available within the fire station, the needs and also the lifespan, quality and price of the products.

Councilors expressed concern over the lack of bids submitted and bids that did not meet the requirements to the city, but Stuckey assured them that it is typical for a low number of bids to be submitted for the type of equipment needed.

“We find in it that quite often that what will happen is some of the companies won’t have availability to that brand of product or that style of product,” Stuckey informed council members as to why certain bids were not recommended and did not meet the qualifications or requirements set forth for the bid. “So, what they do, is they’ll just leave it off the bid totally. In fact, one of the bids was just under $10,000 because they only bid two of the items…We didn’t really understand why they’d go ahead and submit it in, but they did so we considered it.”

The example Stuckey refers to is related to one of the three bids submitted for the exercise equipment for Fire Station No. 4. BSN Sports submitted an incomplete bid totaling $9,999. It did not meet requirements, leading to staff to recommend 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment over BSN Sports to city council members Tuesday. Similar bids also occurred during the bidding process for furniture and appliances.

A resolution was also passed by council members that would align the city’s election dates with those mandated by two bills Governor Mary Fallin signed into law in 2015.

“This resolution calls for a non-partisan election in 2019 to select the Ward 5 City Councilor for a three-year term,” Juliann Stevens said. “It also certifies which voting precincts are to be open.”

The election date is set for Feb. 19, 2019, and is open to all citizens within Owasso; however, candidates must reside within the ward to be qualified to hold the office. If one of the candidates does not receive a majority of the votes, a general election will be held, if necessary, on April 2, 2019.

Council members also approved the purchase of four vehicles for the Owasso Police Department, including one Dodge Charger in the amount of $22,742.25, one Dodge Ram truck in the amount of $29,199 and two Ford Explorers not to exceed $29,410.50. According to Police Chief Scott Chambless, the reason the police need two Ford Explorers is because one of their patrol vehicles was recently hit by a driver who ran a red light. The Ford Explorer was totaled along with certain police equipment, but Chambless informed the council that insurance is covering the cost of the car and the equipment.

Councilors also approved the purchase of new telephone equipment for police and fire departments. The quote submitted to city council totaled $31,027 and is for 50 Cisco 8811 desk phones (24 for police and 26 for fire) and 4 Cisco 8832 Conference phones (1 for police and 3 for fire).

In 2016, councilors approved the purchase of a Cisco VOIP telephone system from Chickasaw Telecom, Inc. and included telephones for all existing offices. However, the need for additional telephones is a subsequent need due to the remodeling of the police facility and construction of Fire Station No. 4, city records state. Funding for the telephones will come out of the budgets for the respective projects, Chambless said.

“I could see like three or four extras, so are we saying that there were approximately 24…I know that we didn’t add 24 people to the police and 26 to fire since then,” Vice Mayor Bill Bush said. “I’m just curious how that got overlooked as far as that number. That seems like a big number of phones that weren’t accounted for whenever we were mapping all of this out.”

Chambless accounted the large need for phones due to the remodeling of the facility and the expansion in the number of offices within both the police department and at the new fire station.

Changes were approved to the city’s special events permit, allowing the city to require organizations, individuals and Owasso citizens to obtain a permit in order to host any type of event.

“Special events provide opportunities for citizens and visitors alike to gather and participate in memorable and fun-filled experiences,” Director of Recreation and Culture Larry Langford informed councilors. “These occurrences bond our community by bringing a variety of people together to celebrate their lives with common purpose and promote good will within our community.”

The resolution passed by city council would allow for more coordination and implementation of protocol to promote a balanced atmosphere during special events. It would also allow city staff to regulate time, place and manner of special events to protect public health, safety and resources, and to reduce any impacts to public places.

City staff began working on such guidelines in 2014, but the resolution would establish a special event permit and a permit fee structure. In the document a special event is defined as an organized activity, involving the use/having impact upon public property or facilities.

The resolution will become effective on Jan. 1, 2019, and would implement the following fees:

* Special event application (non-refundable) – $20

* Special event deposit (refundable) – $200

* Special event permit fee 0-20 vendors/participants – $50

* Special event permit fee 21-40 vendors/participants – $100

* Special event permit fee over 40 vendors/participants – $150

* Event road closure fee – $100

Councilors also decided to table four items to a later meeting including action relating to mobile food vendors, and two executive session items regarding a multi-district opioid litigation, on which no information was provided, and pending/impending litigation.

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Kaitlyn Dillard joined the Inside Owasso team in 2018, providing news coverage for the Owasso area. She graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma with a bachelors in English with a minor in communication.


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