People across the country are finding out how much better they feel when they can lose the unwanted pounds in a hurry just by starting a new weight loss program available now.

Today’s story comes from Naomi, who was losing hope in the different things she had tried to shed the pounds.

“My ‘just one more try’ came 1 year and 4 days ago. I was hopeless, checked out, and just waiting for the breaking point. My son was suffering with a momma who couldn’t play with him or even bathe him. My husband had a wife that was unable to contribute to life inside our home, and Me, I had a body that made me hate myself to the core, diabetes that was so out of control that the doctor no longer knew what to do with me,knees that could barely support my body weight, a heart that was ready to give out on me, and zero idea how to pull myself out of it. Then came my last chance the Bluebox/Redbox of hope found me, and changed the course of my very life. In 1 year and 4 months my story has taken a dramatic turn for the good. This year I :

 Lost 219 lbs
 Lowered my BMI from 70.7 to 35.3
 Healed my Thyroid and came off of all meds
 Put my diabetes in complete remission
 Learned to dream and hope again
 Played with my son everytime he asked and even when he didn’t.
 Bought a winter coat, because it fit me!
 Got to sit in a booth at a restaurant, because I fit!
 Made a choice to live the best life that I can
 Last but not least I have learned to love myself! Not just a little bit actually love myself and realize I am worth it!

What could your year look like? There is something for everyone here, trust me I know! Give yourself one more try!!!!”

You can get started with an eight day challenge that has seen regular people just like you lose up to fifteen pounds in just over a week! Would you like to find out more? Drop us an e-mail at

What do you have to lose, except for those unwanted pounds? Contact us today!

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