OWASSO – Earning their 11th straight win of the season, the Eagles completed the first round of playoffs with a 41-8 beatdown of the Pawhuska Huskies Friday night at home.

“We were really concerned about them,” Head Football Coach Brent Marley said about the Eagles’ opponents Friday night. “They’re a really good team and they’re young…So, there’s a lot of preparation. They do a lot of different smoke and mirrors stuff formations, gadget stuff. You’ve really got to be ready for what they/re doing and our kids were focused all week and prepared hard. I think it showed tonight.”

Eagles senior running back Andrew Crow came out of the gates running in the first half. The Eagles gained possession of the ball at the top of the quarter. Gaining more than 50 yards on a carry, Crow positioned himself and his team to score a touchdown. On third down, with barely any yards between him and the end zone, Crow ran past the Huskies’ defense for his first touchdown of the night.

With the Eagles already leading 7-0, the Huskies had a hard time making successful plays. They came close to scoring in the bottom of the quarter after several effective passes but were unable to do so. Despite a few promising plays and an interception, the Huskies fell short and gave the Eagles the opportunity they needed to score once again.

Rejoice took possession and Crow went on another wild run, closing the gap and setting up an easy path for another touchdown. Crow swiftly extended the lead to 14-0.

The Huskies blanked against the Eagles defense with a series of incomplete passes. Regaining possession, the Eagles gained several yards on an outstanding rush by Crow, who tacked on a third touchdown soon after.

Despite missing an extra point, the Eagles maintained control of the scoreboard with a score of 20-0 at halftime.

The Eagles picked up possession of the ball on the return after halftime. Despite a long run by Crow, the Huskies would soon maintain a brief possession. The Huskies fumbled the return and the Eagles recovered the ball at the 10 yard line. Rejoice had a few unsuccessful plays until Senior wide receiver Reece Hamar crossed into the end zone with a pass from Crow, extending their lead 27-0.

The Huskies had a few more opportunities to score after penalties from the Eagles defense, but they once again fell short.

With eight minutes on the clock, the Eagles regained possession of the ball. From the 20 yard line, Crow rushed into the end zone for another touchdown, putting the Eagles even more ahead at 34-0.

An unsuccessful Huskie possession led to another amazing carry by Crow, who rushed from the 42 yard line to the 15. Crow then dove into the end zone, adding another touchdown to extend the Eagles lead to 41-0.

The Huskies make one final attempt with mere minutes left on the clock. A desperate play put them on the board, making the final score 41-8.

“I’m very proud of them,” Marley said about the win which marks the Eagles’ 11th straight win and first playoff win this year. “We have a theme this year, 1-0, and we’ve been 1-0 all year that’s been our goal. 11-0, you know, it’s nice having two ones in there, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is 1-0 next week.”

The Eagles move to the second round of playoffs against the Gore Pirates at home Friday, November 16 with kickoff at 7 p.m.


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