Earl Farris, projector administrator for the city, presented two agenda items to the Owasso City Council Tuesday night regarding the final payments of completed street projects. City council members also discussed and voted upon other pending street projects throughout Owasso. (PHOTO: Kaitlyn Dillard)

OWASSO – A $1.1 million bid was awarded to Grade Line Construction by the Owasso City Council Tuesday night for the Owasso Express Realignment Project and Intersection Improvement Plan. Completed designs for the project were presented to city staff in October and focuses on the frontage road south of East 106th Street North to East 116th Street North. The desire is to create a safer interchange by realigning the frontage roads and improving the intersection with turn lanes and a traffic signal.

The project also includes an alternate bid to mill and overlay East 106th Street North between the newly improved intersection to North 145th East Avenue.

“If anybody has driven down 106th Street recently, the surface there is in dire need of repair,” Daniel Dearing said. “So, that’s why we included that alternate.”

Bids opened for the project on Nov. 15 and Public Works received six bids from contractors. Grade Line Construction, LLC, of Broken Arrow, was decided upon as the lowest bidder submitting an amount of $1,146,541.90, which is $35,339.95 lower than the next bidder.

City council members also entered into an inter-local agreement with Tulsa County for the engineering design phase for improvements along the intersection of East 106th Street North and North 129th East Avenue. The intersection is under the purview of Tulsa County but increased traffic due to the relocation of Rejoice Schools led the county and the City of Owasso to share certain costs of the project.

“Tonight, our inter-local agreement between Tulsa County and ourselves will obligate them to 50 percent to our 50 percent of the engineering design fees only,” Dwayne Henderson said. “We did work with several firms, talking to them about the project. We felt strongly about Garver, LLC, which is out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Garver is currently working with us on 116th Street North from Mingo to Garnett. They did a fine job on the design of that project…”

In November, both the city and Tulsa County agreed to select Garver, LLC to perform the engineering for the intersection improvements for a fee of $180,000.

The agreement was for engineering design, right-of-way, utility relocation and construction of the project. The Capital Improvements Committee approved funding for the project in November 2016. A year later, council members approved to submit an application to the Indian Nations Council of Government (INCOG) for consideration of 80 percent federal funds with 20 percent local match for the construction phase.

Final payments were also passed for completed street rehabilitation projects. The first was related to the FY 2016-2017 Street Rehabilitation Program which is now complete, resulting in a final contract of $2,743,103.49, which is $121,896.51 lower than the originally expected contract. The final payment was approved to BECCO Construction of Tulsa in the amount of $174,509.17.

The project list included seven rehabilitation projects throughout Owasso and a fog seal of various collector streets.

The second project was for the East 76th Street North and Main Street Intersection Improvements Phase II. City Council awarded a contract to Grade Line Construction, LLC in August and work was completed for the project in November. The project installed streetlights,

irrigation, landscape and sidewalks along the south side of the East 76th and Main Street intersection. The final payment for the project totaled $24,648.31, making the total contract amount $98,260.30, an underrun of $19,410.70, city documents state.

Both projects were funded through the Capital Improvements Plan, while the FY 2016-2017 had additional funding through the Stormwater Fund and the Street Department, half-penny sales tax fund budgets.

After the meetings of the Owasso Public Works Authority and the Owasso Public Golf Authority, during which council approved minutes, claims and payroll, city council members went into executive session to discuss the possibility of a multi-district opioid litigation.


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