OWASSO – Owasso Public Schools is adding its ninth elementary to the Owasso Public Schools district by August 2019. Morrow Elementary is currently under construction and is set to be done by the summer of next year and has presented OPS with the opportunity to redistrict its elementary boundaries. Due to the addition of Morrow Elementary, new boundary lines will be drawn for the district.

“The redistricting effort will provide relief from schools that have larger enrollments,” OPS Superintendent Amy Fichtner stated in a letter to parents Tuesday. “It will also provide a window to examine our boundaries with the goal of children being served as close as possible to their homes.”

The redistricting effort is being led by 24 parents who have volunteered their time and expertise to the project. Principal’s from the current eight elementary schools recommended three parents to be a part of the committee. Five administrators are helping facilitate the process. A demographer has also been hired by the district to analyze enrollment data and provide information to the redistricting team. The committee will be working from November 2018 to March 2019 with the goal to present a recommendation to the Board of Education by March 12, 2019.

“Information and ongoing updates will be provided on our district website,” Fichtner said. A webpage has been created on owassops.org for parents to see what the timeline for the project is, general FAQs and other general information about the redistricting.

Once new boundary lines have been established and approved by the Board of Education, the new boundaries will take effect in August 2019.

In the first month, the redistricting team established the goals for the redistricting plan including the proximity for students to their neighborhood school. Parents have already begun to focus on the walkability to school and the commute time involved. Another goal the team has is to create the least amount of changes to the boundary lines, while also focusing on changes that will be good for long-term use.

The new redistricting plan does not affect students who are going to secondary schools.

In December, the redistricting group will hold a large group meeting for technical work and also four small group meetings to learn software and mapping information. Early next year the group will focus more on analyzing options and begin to make decisions.

Parents and families will be able to see the new district lines before the Board of Education sees them. The district plans to hold a variety of meetings for community members can see the recommendations made by the redistricting team. The dates have not been set and will depend on when the redistricting team is done.


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